English as a New Language

Get licensed to support new English speakers in school

If you're interested in supporting students who are learning English as a new language in their educational journey, this is the license addition for you.

We offer licensing programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as non-degree granting certification for working professionals. Each has its own requirements, but all require completion of a practicum experience.

Graduate level English as a New Language programs

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree and are licensed to teach in the state of Indiana, you are eligible for our graduate-level dual licensure programs in ENL/ESL.

Language Education Master's degree  |  ENL Licensure

You can choose either to seek your license as part of the Language Education master's program or simply seek certification without the addition of a graduate-level degree. Whichever route you choose, you will take the same 21 credit group of ENL/ESL classes. The license addition will grant you opportunities to effectively serve English learners in the grade levels for which your original teaching license covers.

Program of Study

  • EDUC-L 524 - Language Issues in Bilingual and Multicultural Education
  • EDUC-L 539 - Language Foundations for ESL/EFL Teachers
  • EDUC-L 503 - Assessment Literacy for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Either EDUC-T 524 - Diverse Perspectives on Families or an approved elective
  • EDUC-L 540 - ESL/EFL Approaches to Instruction and Assessment
  • EDUC-L 505 - Second Language Literacy Instruction
  • EDUC-L 525 - ENL Practicum

These classes are offered on a non-traditional 12 week and summer intensive schedule to allow working professionals to complete them within 16 months. However, you can also complete the program using the traditional 15-week semester calendar.

Learn more about the master's program

Graduate level English as a New Language program for ATAC and DBAC students or program completers

If you are enrolled in the ATAC/DBAC program, or have completed the ATAC/DBAC program, please view the advising sheets for information about the plan of study.Note: The licensure addition in ENL will be applied to the grade level of your initial license.

Master's in Elementary Education (ATAC & DBAC) with Licensure Addition in ENL Advising Sheet

Master's in Secondary Education (ATAC & DBAC) with Licensure Addition in ENL Advising Sheet