Master's Degrees & Graduate Certificates

Advance your education career

You want to serve your community as best you can. You want to be an advocate for change and a champion for equity.

Our schools, teachers, and students matter to you. 

We have the master’s programs and graduate certificates that will help you reach your goals.

Graduate prepared to succeed in any environment

All of our master’s programs focus on issues of culture, social class, and social justice—issues that have equal value to urban, suburban, and rural communities. 

Because of our attention to the issues that shape education, you graduate ready to help diverse learners in any environment—from big cities to small, rural towns.

We have been overwhelmingly pleased with the caliber of the professionals we acquire when we hire IU School of Education at IUPUI graduates. Simply put, they are exceedingly well prepared and demonstrate a passion for the art and science of teaching. Lawrence Township is indebted to the quality-rich education programs offered at IUPUI.