Student Teaching

Nuts and bolts of the student teaching program

During your last two semesters in the Teacher Education program, you will be assigned to one of our partner schools in the Indianapolis area. You won't get to pick the school, but we will make sure your assignments match your career goals.  

Your student teaching internship will span two semesters, and you'll receive two separate assignments. During the first semester, you'll co-teach with another student intern. Then you'll switch classroom environments and teach on your own. 

You'll spend the first six weeks of each semester receiving intensive training that prepares you for your internship. After that, you'll work in the classroom full time with your mentor teacher.

The role of the mentor teacher

We are careful to choose partners who truly want to help train you. Because of this, you can be sure that your mentor will do his or her best to guide you through your internship, sharing what he or she has learned, critiquing your efforts, and working to make your experience successful.

For the first two or three weeks, your mentor will help you get acclimated to the classroom. You will gradually become more involved with the daily goings-on, eventually taking over as the primary teacher (or co-teacher in your first semester)—planning lessons and managing student instruction. At the end of the semester, you'll gradually step down again, returning control of the classroom to your mentor. 

The role of the university coach

You'll also be paired with an instructor or staff member from the teacher education program to provide you with additional support. While your coach won't be with you on a daily basis, he or she can offer advice and troubleshoot when necessary.

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