Bachelor's Degree

Applying to the teacher education program

Whether you want to teach in an elementary or secondary school, become a reading specialist, or pursue a career in special education, we have an undergraduate program to prepare you for teaching in diverse schools, now and in the future.

There are two ways to be admitted to the IU School of Education at IUPUI (SOE) as an undergraduate student:

  • Declare SOE as your school of choice when you apply to IUPUI to be directly admitted
  • Apply to University College, then switch to the School of Education once you've completed 12 credit hours with a GPA of at least 2.5

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How to apply

Follow these steps for directly applying to the IU School of Education at IUPUI:

Step one: Meet with an advisor

You'll need to meet with an advisor from SOE the semester before you apply to review prerequisite course requirements and confirm that an updated check sheet is in your file (your advisor will refer to the check sheet in conjunction with your online application). During the meeting, you'll have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the program or the admission process. Call 317-274-6801 to make an appointment.

Step two: Apply online

Complete the online application.

Step three: Pay the application fee

A $40 application fee is required for every first-time applicant. Not long after your application is submitted, this fee will be automatically added to your Bursar account.

Step four: Demonstrate basic skills competency

You will need to demonstrate basic skills competency before or immediately after applying to the program. If skills competency is not documented in One.IU, please provide SOE with official documentation, such as official transcripts or original test scores. To meet the basic skills competency requirement, you must pass the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) or an acceptable alternative. Refer to Pre-Licensing Assessments for more information.

Step five: Submit transcripts from other institutions

If you have recently transferred to IUPUI from another institution, or have earned more credit hours from another institution than you have at IUPUI, you are required to submit an official transcript from the other institution(s) to SOE.

Admission notification

You will be notified whether you've been admitted to the teacher education program approximately six weeks after you apply. Admission decisions are made after September 7 (for spring admission) or February 7 (for fall admission).

If you have met all the requirements for admission but classes are full, you will not be admitted and will be placed on a wait-list. Admission to the program from the wait-list happens only when admitted students choose not to attend the program. If you are placed on the wait-list, you are not guaranteed admission the following semester, but may reapply and be considered in the next admission cycle.

What to expect after admission

If you are admitted to the teacher education program, SOE will communicate with you through your IUPUI email account. You should also attend all information sessions.

All teacher education program courses require pre-authorization by SOE, which takes place as students successfully complete each part of the program.

Is this a full-time program?

Students in the elementary program can take blocks I and II as part-time students. A full-time commitment is required for blocks III and IV, which require eight weeks of classes and eight weeks of student teaching. A full-time commitment is also required for block IV of the secondary/all grade teacher education program, which comprises two eight-week student teaching experiences.

Questions? Contact us at:

IU School of Education at IUPUI
902 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

317-274-6801 (phone)
317-274-6864 (fax)