General Education: 37 credits

Note the following symbols next to the course title mean:

+ This course must be completed before beginning the Teacher Education Program
# Fulfills a requirement of the IUPUI General Education Core.
* Requires a prerequisite course

+  ENG W131 Rdg, Writing and Inquiry (3 credits) or W140 (3 credits)

+  ENG W132 Elementary Composition (2 credits) or W150 (3 credits)

+  ENG W270 Argumentative Writing (3 credits)

## EDUC F110 Windows on Education (1-2 credits)

+   EDUC F200 Examining Self as Teacher (3 credits)

+   EDUC W200 Using Computers in Education (3 credits)

+   EDUC H341 American Culture & Education (3 credits)

Select two courses from the following list and at least one must be MATH M118, M119, or 15300:

*   MATH M118 Finite Mathematics (3 credits)

*   MATH M119 Brief Survey of Calculus I (3 credits)

*   MATH 15300 Algebra and Trigonometry (3 credits)

Remaining 3 credits can include options below:

    CSCI N207 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets (3 credits)

*   CSCI N201 Programming Concepts (3 credits)

*   ECON E270 Stats in Business/Economics (3 credits)

    PHIL P265 Intro to Symbolic Logic (3 credits)

*   PSY B305 Statistics (3 credits)

*   SOC R251 Methods of Social Research (3 credits)

    STAT 301 Elementary Statistical Methods I (3 credits)

Select two courses from the following list:

    AST A100 Solar Systems (3 credits)

    AST A105 Stars and Galaxies (3 credits)

    BIOL N100 Contemporary Biology (3 credits)

    BIOL N107 Exploring the World of Animals (3 credits)

    BIOL N200 The Biology of Women (3 credits)

    CHEM C100 The World of Chemistry (3 credits)

    GEOG G107 Physical Systems of the Environment (3 credits)

    GEOL G110 Physical Geology (3 credits)

    GEOL G115 Intro to Oceanography (3 credits)

    GEOL G132 Environmental Problems (3 credits)

    PHYS 20000 Our Physical Environment (3 credits)

Select one course from the following list:

    HIST H108 Perspectives: World to 1800 (3 credits)

   HIST H109 Perspectives: World 1800 to Present (3 credits)

   HIST H113 History of Western Civilization I (3 credits)

   HIST H114 History of Western Civilization II (3 credits)

Select one course from the following list:

   GEOG G110 Intro to Human Geography (3 credits)

   GEOG G130 World Geography (3 credits)

   HIST H105 American History I (3 credits)

   HIST H106 American History II (3 credits)

   POLS Y101 Principles of Political Science (3 credits)

   POLS Y103 Intro to American Politics (3 credits)

   POLS Y219 Intro to International Relations (3 credits)

   SOC R121 Social Problems (3 credits)

   WOST W105 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 credits)

+   EDUC E201 Multicultural Education/Global Awareness (3 credits)

English/Speech Requirements: 45 credits

Must complete 24 of theses credits before beginning TEP:

+ This course must be completed before beginning the Teacher Education Program
# Fulfills a requirement of the IUPUI General Education Core.
* Requires a prerequisite course

ENG Z205 Intro to the English Language (3 credits)

Select one of the following in consultation with advisor:
*ENG Z301 History of the English Language(3 credits)
*ENG Z310 Language in Context: Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
*ENG W310 Language/Study of Writing (3 credits)
ENG W366 Written Englishes: Living Cultural Realities (3 credits)

*Requires ENG Z205 as a prerequisite course.

EDUC X460 Adolescent Literature (3 credits)
ENG L376 Literature for Adolescents (3 credits)

EDUC X470 Psycholinguistics of Reading (3 credits)

Literary Traditions (9 credits):
Select two courses from the following:
Option A: Surveys of British Literature
ENG L301 Critical/Historical English Lit I (3 credits)
ENG L302 Critical/Historical English Lit II (3 credits)

Option B: Surveys of American Literature
ENG L351 Critical/Historical American Lit I (3 credits)
ENG L352 Critical/Historical American Lit II (3 credits)
ENG L354 Critical/Historical American Lit III (3 credits)

Select one course from the following:
ENG L220 Intro to Shakespeare (3 credits)
ENG L315 Major Plays of Shakespeare

Diversity Literature (6 credits):
Select two (6 cr.): At least one must be African American and/or Minority Literature*
ENG L207 Women and Literature (3 credits)
*ENG L370 Black American Writing (3 credits)
ENG L378 Studies in Women in Literature (3 credits)
*ENG L379 American Ethnic and Minority Lit (3 credits)
ENG L382 Fiction of the Non-Western World (3 credits)
*ENG L406 Topics in African American Lit (3 credits)
ENG L411 Literature & Society: South African Lit. (3 credits)

*African American or minority literature

Writing Nonfiction (3 credits):
Select one course:
ENG W305 Writing Creative Nonfiction (3 credits)
ENG W313 Art of Fact: Writing Nonfiction Prose (3 credits)
ENG W390 Writing for Social Change (3 credits)
ENG W390 Writing Biography (3 credits)
ENG W426 Writing Nonfiction: Popular & Professional Publication (3 credits)
ENG W366 Written Englishes: Living Cultural Realities (3 credits)

Editing and Style (3 credits):
ENG Z204 Rhetorical Issues in Grammar (3 credits)
ENG W365 Theory and Practice of Editing (3 credits)

Creative Writing (3 credits):
ENG W206 Intro to Creative Writing (3 credits)
ENG W207 Intro to Fiction Writing (3 credits)
ENG W208 Intro to Poetry Writing (3 credits)

Teaching Writing (3 credits):
**ENG W396 Writing Fellows Seminar (3 credits)
ENG W400 Issues in Teaching Writing (3 credits)
ENG W408 Creative Writing for Teachers (3 credits)

**Prepares students to tutor at the Writing Center

COMM R110 Speech Communication (3 credits)
COMM T130 Introduction to Theatre (3 credits)

# Fulfills a requirement of the IUPUI General Education Core.

Secondary Teacher Education Program: 38 credits

Students must apply for and be admitted to the TEP:

Critical information regarding admissions can be found in the following section.

EDUC M322 Diversity and Learning (6 credits)
EDUC M469 Content Area Literacy (3 credits)
EDUC M403 Field Experience (1 credit)
EDUC S420 Teaching/Learning in Middle School (3 credits)
EDUC K306 Teaching Students with Special
                     Needs in Secondary Classrooms (3 credits)
EDUC M404 Field Experience (0 credits)
EDUC M452 Methods of Teaching English (3 credits)

Offered spring only. May be taken concurrently with MS or HS Block.

EDUC S430 Teaching/Learning in High School (3 credits)
EDUC M405 Field Experience (0 credits)

Pearson Content Exam Students must demonstrate content area skills by achieving passing scores on the Pearson test in the content area(s) of licensure prior to student teaching in Block IV.

July 1 for fall.
December 1 for spring.

EDUC M451 Middle Schools-8 weeks (8 credits)
EDUC M480 High School-8 weeks (8 credits)