Michelle Greene, Ph.D.

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor


Résumé/CV on Box

ES 1125


  • Ph. D. Literacy, Culture, and Language Education, Indiana University Bloomington


I became interested in second language learning during the summers of 1999 and 2000, while working as a volunteer with post-disaster relief efforts in Nicaragua. My team and I developed and delivered literacy projects in elementary Spanish for orphaned children in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. This experience prompted me to begin graduate studies towards a Masters degree in Language Education and teacher certification for English as a Second Language.

Some of my favorite teaching and learning moments occurred during the nearly ten years I spent with middle school English language learners in MSD Lawrence Township in Indianapolis, Indiana. Much of the time, I was the one who was being taught. My students brought worldliness, willingness, and curiosity to our classroom community. Yet, it was evident that structural systems of bias were at play, challenging their academic, cultural, linguistic, and social development. I returned to graduate school to complete a doctorate in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education to better understand how to work productively within the parameters of systemic bias while honoring the rich knowledge and experiences that English language learners bring with them.

Now, as a teacher educator, I enjoy working with pre-service and practicing teachers as they explore ways to improve their instruction, assessment, and understanding of the English language learners they serve.

Courses Taught

  • L441/L524: Issues in Bilingual and Multicultural Education
  • L403/L503: Assessment Literacy for All Learners
  • L539: Language Foundations for ENL/EFL - Second Language Acquisition
  • L505: Second Language Literacy Instruction
  • M470: Elementary Practicum for ENL
  • E340: Methods of Teaching Reading I
  • E341: Methods of Teaching Reading II


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Honors & Awards

  • Harste Alternative Literacies Fellowship, 2009-2010; Awarded to a full-time graduate student in the Literacy, Culture, and Language Education department who is interested in expanding the current notions of literacy beyond what has been the mainstream focus of literacy education.
  • Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad Program, 2009; Awarded to United States Educators, this program is an intensive study seminar that focuses on native and foreign language instruction and training in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Armstrong Teacher Educator Award, 2008-2009; Awarded to outstanding K-12 teachers in the state of Indiana, this professional development opportunity honors educator excellence with funding for continued education and enables teachers to work with the faculty and undergraduates in the Teacher Education Program at Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Education.
  • Excellence in Education Award Nominee, 2008; Selected by teaching staff of Fall Creek Valley Middle School, this annual award recognizes one educator who demonstrates commitment to student achievement and overall excellence in education.
  • Honored Educator Award, 2006-2009; Nominated by students of Fall Creek Valley Middle School, this annual award is given to a select group of educators who support student success and demonstrate outstanding teaching.

Grants & Funding

  • INTESOL Small Program Development-Applied Research Grant, 2012; Awarded $250 to examine the experiences of public school educators who self-identify as Asian American; analysis of ethnographic interviews aims to contribute to a better understanding of how Asians are situated within the ESL field.
  • Improving Teacher Quality Grant, 2010-2011; Awarded $139,510 as part of an “Improving Teacher Quality” grant through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to create “ESL Professionals in Collaborative Communities”
    (EPiCC) Program.


  • 2019, TESOL International Conference; panel exploring the concept of scaffolded discomfort in EL Teacher preparation programs when working with immigrant youth
  • 2015, Wabash Valley Education Conference; results of PhotoVoice method used as a tool for empowerment in literacy instruction for middle-school students
  • 2015, AERA, Chicago, IL; findings on practitioner research inquiry of adolescent immigrant students and their teacher in a third-space-imagined-community
  • 2015, Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference, Las Vegas, NV; findings on adolescent immigrant students generating their own literacy curriculum
  • 2014, INTESOL, Indianapolis, IN; findings from ESL students’ written narratives of immigration
  • 2014, Building Tomorrow, Nashville, IN; discussion on the global education crisis
  • 2014, AERA, Philadelphia, PA; final findings from ethnographic interviews with Asian American educators.
  • 2013, University of Pennsylvania Ethnography Conference, Philadelphia, PA; findings from PhotoVoice research with immigrant adolescents; preliminary findings from ethnographic interviews with Asian American public educators
  • 2012, INTESOL, Indianapolis, IN; findings from PhotoVoice research used with practicing teachers in summer institute for professional development
  • 2012, National Association for Bilingual Education Conference, Dallas, TX; preliminary findings from PhotoVoice research with immigrant adolescents
  • 2010, Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning Conference, Indianapolis, IN; ESL instructional models and their respective outcomes in Central Indiana
  • 2008, Indiana Middle Level Education Association State Conference, Indianapolis, IN; report on district-level initiative on Cultural Competency and school progress on Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • 2003-2008, Indiana Department of Education K-12 ESL Conference, Indianapolis, IN; annual report on current information pertaining to effective, standards-based practices for K-12 educators of English Language Learners

Professional Associations

  • INTESOL, Vice President, Board of Directors
  • TESOL, Member
  • NABE, Member
  • AERA, Member