Weverton Pinheiro

Urban Education Studies / Mathematics

Résumé/CV on Box


Master of Mathematics Education
National Taiwan Normal University, NTNU, Republic of China
Year of degree: 2017

Licentiate Degree in Mathematics
Universidade de Brasília, UnB, Brasil
Year of degree: 2013


Currently, a graduate assistant at IUPUI pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Education Studies with specialization in Mathematics Education, Weverton has researched at the National Taiwan Normal University about the differences in mathematical competencies and the level of cognitive demand in textbooks from Brazil, Taiwan, and Singapore. During his master’s degree, he focused on the analyzes of exercise and worked examples from these three textbooks. His vast researcher in Taiwan under the supervision of professor Ph.D. Tso Tai-Yih resulted in the awarded of his Master’s Degree in mathematics education and the publication of three international conference papers.

His articles were presented in the 40th and 41st PME (International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education) and on the II ICMT (International Conference on Mathematics Textbooks Research and Development). Weverton has also developed previous research with professor Mauro Luiz Rabelo and Ana Maria Redolfi de Gandulfo at the University of Brasilia during his bachelor's degree in Mathematics. His accomplishments were published at two ENAPETMAT (National Meeting of the Mathematics Group of PET) and V EBREM (National Brazilian Meeting of Mathematics Education).

Honors & Awards

Excellence Student Pacesetter Recognition, Gateway Community College.


PINHEIRO, W. A.; TSO, T.; LEI, K. H.; LU, F.. The Cognitive Demand Levels of Tasks Between Brazilian, Taiwanese, and Singaporean Mathematics Textbooks: A case study of the Pythagorean theorem. 2017.

PINHEIRO, W. A.; TSO, T.; LEI, K. H.; LU, F.. The Comparison of Mathematical Competencies in Textbooks from Brazil and Singapore. 2017.

LU, F.; LEI, K. H.; TSO, T.. A Comparison of the Pythagorean Theorem in Brazilian and Taiwanese Textbooks by Analysing the Number of Exercises and Cognitive Demand. 2016.