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Kindergarten Endorsement (Graduate Program)

for Indiana Teacher Licensing Rules 46 and 47
Indiana University
School of Education (IUPUI Campus)

Students can begin the program in Fall or Summer I

Background Information: In order to qualify to add a kindergarten endorsement to your teaching license, a candidate must hold either the early childhood standard or professional license or the elementary school standard or professional license under the Indiana Teacher Licensing Rules 46 and 47 and complete the following 15 hours.

Starting Summer I of every year, the Graduate Kindergarten Endorsement Program will include:

EDUC-E 508: Seminar in Early Childhood Education (3 crs.) -- Summer I
EDUC-T 524: Diverse Perspectives on Families (formerly E590) (3 crs.) -- Summer I
(Adobe Connect--online live intensive class with special web-based assignments)
EDUC-E 506: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (3 crs.) -- Fall
EDUC-E 525: Advanced Curriculum in Early Childhood Ed (3 crs.) -- Spring
Prerequisite: EDUC-E 506 or consent
EDUC-E 509: Internship in Early Childhood Education** (3 crs.) -- Summer I
Prerequisites: EDUC-E 506, EDUC-E 525, and EDUC-E 508

 Internship Credit

In order to fulfill the internship requirement of the kindergarten endorsement certification program and receive credit, candidates will register for EDUC-E 509 Internship in Early Childhood Education (3 crs.) or submit transfer credit. This requirement may be satisfied in the following three ways with documentation as specified:

1. Current Experience and documentation while enrolled in the graduate kindergarten program:
  • Full time successful teaching in your kindergarten classroom (university supervised) for at least one year  (i.e., letter from your administrator or supervisor documenting  the quality of your teaching )
  • Portfolio to highlight your teaching experiences during the year

2.  No Experience

  • Completion of Plan A or Plan B listed under Internship Requirement
  • Submission of request for internship placement


3. Transfer University Credit— Previous Experience

  • Student teaching in kindergarten plus other appropriate field experiences at the kindergarten level
  • Full semester student teaching experience in kindergarten, kindergarten/ first grade combination, or multi-age (ages 3–5) classroom
  • Official university transcript and final student teaching evaluation
    (If the student teaching evaluation is not available, the candidate will be  required to solicit a letter from student teaching  mentor teacher to document the quality of this experience.)

These supporting documents will be sent for review by and evaluation to:

Paula Magee
IU School of Education
902 West New York Street, ES 3116
Indianapolis, IN 46202
phone: (317) 278-1107

Internship Requirement

Plan A

If the applicant does not meet the above criteria for the internship/ student teaching requirement credit, s/he will be required to do a modified internship (half-days for six weeks or full days for three weeks) at the end of the certification program. In order to qualify for the modified internship teaching, the graduate student must have completed a minimum of 50 hours of observing kindergarten children, assisting kindergarten teaching staff, and implementing developmentally appropriate learning plans in a kindergarten approved site in an accredited school. The graduate student may satisfy the 50 hour requirement in his or her own building if the kindergarten teacher has the certification for kindergarten.

Plan B

If the graduate student cannot meet the aforementioned criteria, s/he must complete a regular internship assignment. This would be full days for six weeks in a site selected by the IUPUI School of Education.

Applying to the Program

If you are interested in Graduate Kindergarten Endorsement Certification Program, you must make a formal application to add the kindergarten endorsement to a regular Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education license under Indiana Teacher Licensing Rules 46-47. The graduate kindergarten endorsement courses may be completed within 15 months. The classes are offered at night via distance education (two- way interactive audio and video plus Internet) and Breeze Meeting (online live interactive).  IUPUI or IU Bloomington campus will serve as the originating site for these classes. 

For additional information or questions, call (317.278.1107) or e-mail (pamagee@iupui.edu) Paula Magee, program coordinator. The online application for this program can be found at this location:
Apply to the Graduate Program

Applying for Certification—Adding to your Existing License under  

As you complete the final class for this certification program, review these guidelines
pertaining to applying for the additional certification to your teaching license.  You will bring or send this completed form and other required documents to:

Indiana University School of Education
Student Services 3rd Floor
902 West New York Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Telephone: 317.274.6801

Graduate Kindergarten Endorsement and Master's Program

Excluding the internship credits, the Graduate Kindergarten Endorsement students may apply the EDUC-E 506 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (3 crs.), EDUC-E 525 Advanced Curriculum in Early Childhood Ed (3 crs.), EDUC-E 508 Seminar in Early Childhood Education (3 crs.), and EDUC-T 524 Diverse Perspectives on Families (formerly E590) (3 crs.) to the Master of Science degree in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood focus. Please check the requirements for admission to this aforementioned master's program. This information may be found at the School of Education website.